Our Story and Mission

Welcome my Peppy friend to our peppy pants active wear community and home page!

Our mission is in our motto ‘ put the pep back in your step!’ 

We want to add more colour and happiness to your world and connect you with your inner light and truth.

We believe that in the right peppy pants you can do and be anything! 

Our  Colourful  and happy designs transform the way you think on a day to day basis. Colour is very powerful communication tool! This can be used to signal and influence your mood. 


Applying Colour Psychology to Everyday Life

Our thoughts influence our reality , The colours and patterns we wear influence our thoughts and performance.

Research of Colour psychology shows how colours evoke emotions and impacts our mental health.

Every day we experience a broad range of emotion - energy in motion. Our mission is to convert your thoughts and energy into the best kind daily!

We want our active wear to remind you of your true power , your true beauty and true self.

We chose BOLD  and colourful, happy and cute designs to put a positive spin on your daily life and help you accomplish the challenges life hands you.

Carl Jung, a renowned psychiatrist and proponent of art therapy, encouraged his patients to use Colour because he felt this would help them express some of the deeper parts of their psyche. It is believed that the colour choices you make reflect a deeper meaning about your personality traits. For example, introverts and extroverts are likely to choose different colours – blue and red respectively.

The colours you choose to wear might also say something about how you are feeling that day. Some days you may feel like wearing something lighter, something red, or something blue. These choices are often a reflection of how you are feeling at the present moment. Additionally, wearing certain colours may cause you to react differently to certain situations. Wearing peppy pants active wear you are consciously choosing to evoke happier emotions , and happiness is a choice after all.

Thank you for being apart of our peppy pants journey and putting a pep in your step!
The world needs more people as beautiful as you!